Jikara Starita

Spiritual Healer Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, and Shamanic Practitioner

Jikara weaves different aspects of spiritual healing techniques into her practice to help her clients. Her mission is to empower people to heal their subconscious beliefs so they can start living their full potential in this lifetime.


The ultimate guide on how to develop a relationship with your pendulum

What is Spiritual Response Technique?

According to the history shared under the
Spiritual Response Association; it's a modality that has roots back in a 1960's Hypnotherapy Technique. The book Clinical Hypnotherapy, says... "an ideomotor response is extremely valuable for locating hidden messages that cause problems in daily life."

SRT is rooted in the premise of ideomotor response to be able to access and navigate the Akashic Records with accuracy and integrity.

This Technique is grounded with the use of a pendulum and charts to find subconscious programs and clear them with efficacy. The application of direct healing to the spiritual body is also possible with this modality and it helps the recipient with a unique energetic support that will foster the freedom to navigate their lives with ease.

I have found this technique one of the most powerful and life-changing healing modalities available to us.

If this is your first time booking an SRT session, I highly recommend the 2-hour session to kickstart your healing in various aspects of your life.

My Spiritual Response Experience

I am an eternal student of Spirit who focuses on shadow work by self-healing through meditation and mindfulness, journeys with the drum, rattle, and plant medicine. These practices help access ancestral knowledge within, and embody the healer that I am.

Akashic Records Clearing Session

One of our most popular sessions right at your fingertips. Overcome relationship challenges such as separation or constant arguments, relieve anxiety, depression, and more!

Ancestral Healing Session

A powerful generational release where you will get to connect with your ancestors and find healing together for yourself and your tree.


People Love Us!

"I so enjoyed this journey with Jikara of Blooming Lotus Healing. Her basic course in soul relationships and her homework exercises have helped me see myself and my close relationships from a higher perspective of love and understanding. And also given me a new direction for my life. Jikara is so knowledgeable and gifted and so full of love that it radiate"s through the computer screen. I'm so grateful to Spirit for leading me to her."

Peggy W.

"SRT sessions with Jikara are life changing, as are her monthly Cosmic Light Activation clearings. I highly recommend sessions with her, as my loved ones and I have experienced and continue to experience positive changes in our daily lives. However, her six-week Beloved Method class is even more amazing! It's beginner friendly and takes things to the next level! I would describe it as it as "a space for self-empowerment".

J. (Canada)

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