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The Beloved Method™

Learn how to access your Akashic Records to heal yourself, and your relationships. Expand your knowledge on the types of soul relationships, including but not limited to twin flames, and more. Get insight on the karmic purpose of these souls showing up in your life. With this method you are empowered to learn by tapping into your inner wisdom.

“As part of your true healing you must ground in your hearts, and you must practice the expression of embodied healing. In other words, your soul needs to integrate what happened and release the negativity around the experience.”

A Message from Spirit

Feel empowered in your abilities to connect with your intuitive guidance.

No more need to get “readings” on your Twin Flame journey, you can find the information on your own!

Find a sense of radical acceptance and understanding in your interpersonal relationships.

The Beloved Method

By Jikara Starita

This tool was initially created for the brave souls in their Twin Flame journey, those who are called on a mission to follow their true soul's calling, this system serves you to clear energies so that you can feel relief from the intensity that these karmic entanglements with your Flame bring you on a daily basis. The intention is for you to be able to focus on your journey without distractions from your true path.

"As time has progressed, I have learned that all relationships are important, and when it comes to out daily interactions, it is best to not leave any stone unturned, as I have walked my path of healing my relationships, I have also worked with my Ancestors, I have come to recognize the importance of healing all soul relationships, I know this method emphasizes the Twin Flame journey but this method is not limited to just that. This tool I channelled with the help of Source because It's time to expand our understanding as a collective on the importance of all interactions we have in our journey. We all make significant impacts on each other's lives"

The Details

The Beloved Method™ is a dowsing system channeled by Jikara through her Higher Self. Ever since she started her Spiritual Response Therapy journey she found that part of her spiritual committee is composed of souls who have been developing this system for many generations. They came to her during a meditation and presented the need of shifting the energies of Soul Relationships between people. This shift commences when one of them is ready to move forward.

This is a the beginners class to expand your knowledge on twin flames, other flame relationships, soul relationships, and the purpose of these souls showing up in your life. You will learn about soul creation, soul relationships, the types of Twin Flame path, and patterns of connection with your Twin Flame from an Akashic Records perspective!

This is a practical class in which you will learn to navigate the Soul Relationship Files in the Akashic Records through your own practice. You will be able to find answers and determine the specifics of your soul relationships directly from your soul. This course is designed to empower you to tap into your inner guidance and intuition by learning one of the simplest, yet powerful tools (the pendulum) to navigate charts specially designed and channeled by your facilitator Jikara Starita.

All the information you obtain through the charts is channeled by your Higher Self and it’s all related to this lifetime to help you focus on what to do to move forward on your path of ascension.

Please note that this is currently a self paced class.

(This course is usually a LIVE 6 week long online course that includes 1 bonus group clearing, 4 informational classes and 1 practical class. There are pre-recorded videos to watch before each one of our meetings. We usually meet 1 hour for each session.)

At this moment if you sign up for the course, it will be SELF PACED with recordings from the most recent cohort. You can always sign up for our email list to stay in the loop about any LIVE Classes in the future.

Please note that there is a certification given at the end of this course as long as you submit your full homework and accuracy of your findings are at 100%; only those you are certified at the end are able to take the advance class.

How You Can Transform

Develop a deeper relationship with your Higher Self

Shift perspective in your relationships

Access past lives and clear discordance from them

Find out your soul family archetype

Learn how to use your pendulum to clear energies

Learn the mechanics of Energetic Cords and how to clear them

Access your Akashic Records safely anytime you need

Learn how to practice and maintain energetic hygiene

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