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Elevate your spiritual journey with The Blooming Lotus Healing’s clearing sessions.

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Akashic Record clearing

Using Spiritual Response Technique (SRT), we enter your Akashic Records via your Higher Self to heal subconscious programming. Receiving SRT can help you:

  • Find your inner joy

  • Release emotional tension

  • Feel at peace again 

  • Let go of toxic behaviors

1 hour session | $120

2 hour session | $230

RElationShip clearing

Heal your Soul Relationships including your twin flame relationship. This session uses The Beloved Method™ where we access your karmic soul contracts and more!

  • Find out and heal karmic patterns

  • Clear past life contracts and energy cords

  • Release emotional tension

  • Let go of difficult relationships

2 Hours | $250

Ancestral Healing

Clear generational patterns from your family tree with the help of your Higher Self and your ancestors. With an Ancestral Healing you can:

  • Heal your loyalties with ancestors.

  • Release generational trauma.

  • Heal your connection with your parents so that you can move forward with building your nuclear family.

2 hour session | $250

inner child Clearing

A comprehensive inner child clearing, in a progressive style from the womb all the way to the present. Give your inner child the love and healing you deserve. 

  • Heal energies you picked up from the womb that affect you today.

  • Release inner child trauma

  • Heal your connection with your inner child.

Three 2 hour sessions | $690

What is Spiritual Response Technique (SRT)?

Watch this 8-minute video to learn about my personal experience.

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