Energy healing that brings lightness to your heart!
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Personal Clearings

Clear generational patterns from your Family Tree with the help of your Higher Self and your Ancestors.

Using SRT, we enter your Akashic Records via your Higher Self to heal subconscious programming.

Clear the akashic records for you and your loved ones! Bring harmony to your family & remove negative soul contracts.

I download messages from The Universe for you. I include a small meditation before we start.

A comprehensive Inner Child clearing, in a progressive style from the womb all the way to the present.

We have several sessions using The Beloved Method™ where we access your karmic soul contracts and more!

An in-depth healing of energetic cords to release karmic contracts and bring in your highest good.

Using SRT, we clear negative imprints from within your home and land left by past tenants and events.

Learn about your Starseed Origins, where you incarnated first on Earth, how many lifetimes you had, and more!

Pre-recorded Clearings

Pre-recorded Akashic Clearing that helps clear collective programs related to poverty and scarcity. This clearing will benefit you in releasing any subconscious connection to these energies so that you can live an abundant life.

Pre-recorded Akashic Clearing to help you release blockages related to your interpersonal relationships, this will benefit you in feeling less discordance towards your loved ones so that you can be at peace within yourself.

Pre-recorded Akashic Clearing that helps release blockages that keep you in fear, separation, and anxiety. This clearing will benefit you in releasing subconscious connections to these energies so that you can live a courageous life!

Trainings & Memberships

Expand your knowledge on twin flames, other flame relationships, soul relationships, and the purpose of these souls showing up in your life. The course is a LIVE 6 week long online course that includes 1 bonus group clearing, 4 informational classes and 1 practical class.

With your membership you are not only supporting your own healing you are also helping me expand my mission to educate people on spiritual matters and share the message of self-empowerment while in a healing journey.

A 30-minute call to find out what clearing is best and if there are any messages from Spirit for you. Archangel Healing is included in this session.

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