I am here to be a guiding light for you

My medicine is what helps you step in to that creativity, recognize the blockages that are getting in the way and move through them.

“I practice non - judgement and take integrity to heart. I will always do my best to hold loving space for you. My prayer is that you find your way back home to your heart. I look forward to connecting with you! The light in me sees and honors the light in you!”

Namaste, Jikara


I have reclaimed the mystical path of my lineage. My heart has always been fully committed to being of service to humanity and my drive comes from helping humanity through the unique expression of my gifts.

The Beloved Method

Expand your knowledge on twin flames, other flame relationships, soul relationships, and the purpose of these souls showing up in your life.

Cosmic Light Activation

Clear collective karmic programs to help your own nervous system and personal soul path, and also help the planet move towards a higher timeline!

SRT & Ancestral Clearing Sessions

Overcome relationship challenges such as separation or constant arguments, relieve anxiety, depression, and more!

I Have Experience With…

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Technique Practitioner, I have completed the required Basic and Advanced Class with a Spiritual Response Association Certified Teacher.

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

I am Certified by the School of Positive Transformation as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. This school is Accredited by IMMA and CPD.

Healing through Expression (Medipainting)

This is a mindfulness technique I have used intuitively to help understand my inner world in a safe container. I offer group, individual and corporate sessions.

Ordained Minister

I am an Ordained Minister by The Universal Life Church.

Jikara Starita

Spiritual Advisor

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and I currently live in Tampa, Florida with my amazing Sindhi husband. We have three beautiful cats, Kadin, Jazz and Luna. I love to cook when I can and I enjoy exploring State Parks in FL. You will typically find me reading and researching all about spiritual topics, developing my relationship with nature, and lately I have been incorporating Yoga and Entheogens into my self care routine.

I’d Love to Help

My Approach & Philosophy

I was initiated into my path of growth early in my life. I was only 3 years old when my parents got divorced, and I had a tumultuous relationship with my mother growing up. My father was absent for most of my life, and I was completely cut off from my father's side of the family. While I was in my formative years and growing to a young adult, I was very familiar with emotional and physical pain. This pain ended up becoming a root for many of my decisions that came in my early 20's.

In my early 30's, I was initiated into my full Spiritual Awakening. I was guided to start on my own self-healing journey after I left a violent marriage with a man I thought was my Twin Flame. I was forged into my intuitive gifts by the fire of these experiences. Like an emotional alchemist, I realized that life was about mastery of self, and this led me to practice meditation and mindfulness through painting and art. I developed mindfulness practices that helped me ground myself and hold sacred space for the emotions that were ready to release. I helped myself navigate my internal world through consistent practice and reflection.

In 2016 during this journey of rediscovery of who I was, I was introduced to the Akashic Records. I started reading for others to practice and as I held space for the people that came to me, I noticed how impactful it was to gather information from the Records for readings. But it wasn't until the end of 2020 when I was first introduced to Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) by a dear friend. This is when I experienced the power of SRT. It was an incredible moment for me, because for the first time in years, I felt a weight that was lifted off my shoulders!

It was during this time while I was searching for a way to serve others, that I was introduced to my SRT teacher, Maria Zeiss. After I took the beginners class I felt a shift at the soul level and I realized that I finally found my soul calling. There was no doubt in my mind that this path of energy healing with dowsing techniques was meant for me. I was activated in ways that I never thought I would, thanks to this modality.

Not much later after gettings certified as an SRT practitioner, I started to receive downloads from Spirit to create my own dowsing technique. This was the start of my journey of birthing The Beloved Method™, a dowsing system that helps clear relationship energy cords, understand the status of the soul relationship between two people, and to find out the purpose of your soul relationship.

Teaching The Beloved Method™ has been even more rewarding than doing the 1:1 clearings at times. To be able to see my students flourish in to their gifts is the greatest recompense of all!

My Signature Program

Understanding the purpose of your relationships

Expand your knowledge on twin flames, other flame relationships, soul relationships, and the purpose of these souls showing up in your life.

Gain a deep understanding of Twin Flames

You will learn about soul creation, soul relationships, the types of Twin Flame path, and patterns of connection with your Twin Flame from an Akashic Records perspective!

Powerful tool allowing intuitive guidance

This class will empower you to tap into your inner guidance and intuition by learning one of the simplest, yet powerful tools to navigate charts specially designed to learn about your Soul Relationships.

Move forward in your path of ascension

Learn to navigate the Soul Relationship Files in the Akashic Records through your own practice and you will be able to find answers and determine the specifics of your soul relationships directly from your soul.

The Beloved Method™

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