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It's time to heal your Generational Trauma on your Paternal Side

June 20, 20222 min read

I remember when I was a kid, Father’s day was a painful time of the year for me.

My mom and dad were divorced when I was 3 years old and my father was an absent parent throughout my life. I know my story is not uncommon, it happened to a lot of us, and for this reason, we can experience a disconnect from the essence of what a father figure brings into our lives. We may end up experiencing a lack that no matter how much our mothers try, they just can’t fulfill.

This deep inner child wound is the reason why I started my healing path, I like to say that all healers start first with themselves, and I dare to say that is a fact! 

I understand on a deep level the lack that it feels to not have a father growing up! 

If you experienced the same, I am sorry you had to experience this too, my heart is with you, and I hope that as the days go by, you feel less lack of this important presence and more abundance of it in your life. 

The lack of our father's presence in our lives can have a deep generational root for many of us that could have started many generations back!

The thing is that because we see it happening in our families over and over again it becomes normalized, however, the reality is that our family tree and loyalties to our ancestors can be the reason why we continue to experience this in our family trees. 

I recorded a free healing meditation for you to start setting the path of generational healing in your family tree, today, I want to invite you to start healing this core wound within yourself, I know it can be painful, however, when you get to the other side, you find freedom!

If you want to dive deeper into this wound feel free to reach out, I will be happy to help you with the Spiritual Healing aspect of it.

Access the FREE Meditation below:

Connect to the Cosmic Father Meditation & Healing For Paternal Generational Trauma

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Jikara Starita

I was born in Caracas Venezuela and I currently live in Tampa, FL with my amazing Sindhi husband, we have three beautiful cats, Kadin, Jazz, and Luna. I love to cook when I can and I enjoy exploring State Parks in FL. You will typically find me reading and researching all about spiritual topics, developing my relationship with nature and lately, I have been incorporating Yoga and Entheogens into my self-care routine. I am the creator of The Beloved Method™ a dowsing system that helps you connect to your higher self and clear karmic energies between you and other souls. Certified Meditation Teacher by the School of Positive Transformation, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner training completed with Spiritual Response Association

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