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Men Need Healing too!

June 16, 20223 min read

This post is an open letter to society as a whole:

As Father's Day approaches, I can't help but think of how much our society puts so much pressure on our men to withdraw from their emotions, to always seem like they are strong, infallible, and have it all figured out. 

I grew up in a "machismo" culture, where I was made to believe that men didn't have emotions and that having them was not part of their human experience; for a very long time, it was hard for me to recognize that they also had feelings and traumas that needed healing. 

It wasn't until I witnessed my own emotions and started my own healing journey, that my heart opened up, and I realized that I too was part of the problem! I didn't acknowledge the emotions of the men in my life and I felt resistance to their emotional outpours.

In general as a society, we don't give our own men enough space and opportunity to emote, to express, and to be vulnerable. We need to stop shaming each other and especially our men for emoting, expressing, and showing their vulnerability. When we show up for them and hold space for them, we empower them, we foster a place of healing and respect for their unique human experience.

I want to invite us all to stop this vicious cycle, and to start increasing the opportunities for our men to heal, to be witnessed, to have their inner child acknowledged, and their emotions expressed freely without any shame!

I can tell you firsthand how imperative these actions are, I have witnessed within my own personal circle, the transformative power this produces in men!
My fiancé , for example, has benefitted from taking the steps towards healing, he recently shared with me 3 things that have improved in his life since he started working with me to clear his Akashic Records:
1- He feels a sense of emotional stability and balance he never felt before.
2- He feels more resilience whenever he is faced with stressful situations.
3- He feels more in touch with his emotions, and able to be aware of them in a way he wasn't before.

He is not the only man I have worked with, however, in this line of business I do tend to see more women than men come to me for healing, and my prayer is that I get to hold space for more men that are ready to embark on their healing journey.

Additionally, I want to bring an Akashic perspective to you as well: 

We incarnate in both genders through our lifetimes as a soul. Just because we are experiencing a specific gender on this lifetime, it doesn't mean that we haven't experience the other, this is why, at the soul level it's important that we hold space for both men and women, we need to heal both genders!

When you heal your Akashic records on this lifetime, you heal the entire essence of your experience as a soul regardless of which side of the spectrum you were born in to.

If you identify as a man, woman or any other, on this lifetime, please note that you will need to hold space for both the masculine and the feminine aspects of your divine essence, you are wonderfully made and balanced with both within you! 

If you are ready to embark on healing journey with me, please click here to book a 1:1 session with me.

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Jikara Starita

I was born in Caracas Venezuela and I currently live in Tampa, FL with my amazing Sindhi husband, we have three beautiful cats, Kadin, Jazz, and Luna. I love to cook when I can and I enjoy exploring State Parks in FL. You will typically find me reading and researching all about spiritual topics, developing my relationship with nature and lately, I have been incorporating Yoga and Entheogens into my self-care routine. I am the creator of The Beloved Method™ a dowsing system that helps you connect to your higher self and clear karmic energies between you and other souls. Certified Meditation Teacher by the School of Positive Transformation, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner training completed with Spiritual Response Association

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