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Prayer is Healing

May 31, 20222 min read

My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, there is not an easy way to drop this news; it just is what it is, and it was shocking, to say the least, my mother takes care of her physical health as much as possible, and this was such an unexpected curveball from life. 

When I received the news, I realized, that I need community to get through this, it's not easy to carry all of this all by ourselves, I was about to post on my Facebook to ask for prayers and then I was reminded by my Higher Self that I am not helpless in this experience, that I can transform this into something beautiful. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I opened my Akashic Records and Spiritual Healing Group and decided to create my very own prayer circle, I have participated in them before, I know the drill, I know the structure, so I just went for it! I decided to host them online so that it could be convenient for all who want to participate, I feel it's important to make things as accessible as possible so that all can benefit.

I know that my experience is not unique, I am not the only one that is in need of support while witnessing a family member go through their health struggles, or even dealing with my own set of problems myself, so I was inspired to come together in community to uplift myself in the process.

I have seen miracles happen with prayer in the past, the power of filling our cup with the strength of God, and then sharing this with others is a beautiful act of service! We all benefit from taking the time to pray together.

Yesterday was the first prayer circle, it was such a beautiful experience, the immediate feedback I received was powerful and healing and I look forward to seeing this circle grow and expand joy, healing, and love to hundreds and thousands of people. 

I am ready to continue to witness miracles for all!

Much love,


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Jikara Starita

I was born in Caracas Venezuela and I currently live in Tampa, FL with my amazing Sindhi husband, we have three beautiful cats, Kadin, Jazz, and Luna. I love to cook when I can and I enjoy exploring State Parks in FL. You will typically find me reading and researching all about spiritual topics, developing my relationship with nature and lately, I have been incorporating Yoga and Entheogens into my self-care routine. I am the creator of The Beloved Method™ a dowsing system that helps you connect to your higher self and clear karmic energies between you and other souls. Certified Meditation Teacher by the School of Positive Transformation, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner training completed with Spiritual Response Association

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