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Spiritual Healing is a Practice

September 14, 20222 min read

Hello Beautiful Souls!

As I go deeper into my own personal healing journey, the more I realize that I am here to embrace the process and not the final result. I have found that the messier my healing journey becomes, the more interested and curious I become.
I know that healing may sound like a long overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be.

If you are in the middle of the journey or even just starting to dabble into healing, I want to invite you to have fun creating a timeline of important events of your life, and specifically include events that feel a little tender in your emotional body (you feel some sort of emotional pain, uncomforted, or resistance).

You probably want to roll your eyes at this email (pretending it's me). It's ok if you do, I will receive you! :) I know this may feel like a daunting task to ask of you, however, trust me when I tell you that this will be the best map you will get to follow in your life!

Why? You may ask because this map is your guidance towards your healing and purpose on this planet!

As we get ready for the New Moon in Libra coming up on Sep 25th  I want to invite you to create this map, maybe it can be super creative on a board with stickers and colors or it can be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet.

Give yourself permission to honor your path as it is, to honor each one of these experiences as part of your sacredness, and then choose one area of this timeline that you want to focus on and give your love and tender care to starting this upcoming New Moon.

This is how you unfold, heal, learn, get messy, and come back out fully bloomed into a beautiful Lotus Flower each and every time. Just remember that you will go through this cycle many times, don't lose sight, you are literally practicing the art of healing.

Watch my latest Youtube Video where I talk about this process here.

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Jikara Starita

I was born in Caracas Venezuela and I currently live in Tampa, FL with my amazing Sindhi husband, we have three beautiful cats, Kadin, Jazz, and Luna. I love to cook when I can and I enjoy exploring State Parks in FL. You will typically find me reading and researching all about spiritual topics, developing my relationship with nature and lately, I have been incorporating Yoga and Entheogens into my self-care routine. I am the creator of The Beloved Method™ a dowsing system that helps you connect to your higher self and clear karmic energies between you and other souls. Certified Meditation Teacher by the School of Positive Transformation, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner training completed with Spiritual Response Association

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