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Spiritual Healing is a practice, not a destination! (Mercury Retrograde Guidance)

September 03, 20223 min read

September is here! This month’s energy is all about reconfiguring your thought patterns and helping yourself heal deeper parts of your subconscious mind. By revisiting your past with the energy of Mercury Retrograde starting on 09/09/2022 through 10/02/2022, you get to heal deeper.

Now, listen up, I completely understand that when you read or hear Mercury Retrograde, you may cringe at the thought of the past coming forward to be addressed, however, the reality is that the current planetary energies are there to help you realign your path towards your original soul's blueprint. 

As I mentioned in the video reading I posted on Youtube, the energies that have been downloaded during the Lions Gate Portal on 08/08 are basically guiding you towards the places, things, people, jobs, projects, etc that will help you shine your best. This is the constant message I receive over and over again, and part of that realignment does constitute you being guided toward your self-healing, self-reflection, self-assessment, and more! This is all part of your path so that you can understand where you are, and where you are headed.

I want to invite you to see this month as an opportunity to remember all the work you have put into your healing so far; give yourself permission to celebrate all of what you have grown and accomplished.  The simple act of practicing this awareness is a powerful place to be in to help shift yourself forward. If you are seeing the glass half empty right now, I want to challenge you to write down all the things you have accomplished this year, I can assure you, there will be at least 10 things on that list! Give yourself some compassion and love, you deserve it.

There are several other planets in retrograde in September (Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune) alongside Mercury, these can help you connect to deep self-reflection in many areas of your life, your dreams, your relationships, etc and if you are doing the inner work, it may feel at times as if you are walking through mud and you may start to feel the exhaustion from it all, just remember that you are not in a competition, or a race and it’s ok to take breaks and seek support!

I currently have a monthly prayer group every last Sunday of the month and I also will start adding a monthly online community call for you, who want to share with other like-minded souls who want to expand our circle with all the fun “woo” stuff that you like and just get support! You are always stronger when you get to share and receive wisdom and medicine!

Just remember that you are not alone on this intricate path we call life, I am here to support you in your healing journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to me to set up a session if you feel you are due for your next layer of healing.

One last thing! I have been getting this question many times from so many of you and I want to answer it here (I may record a video in the future to answer or further, however, in the meantime this will do):

How do you know if you are due for another clearing?
If you are feeling overwhelmed with chronic negative emotions, you may be due to revisit your Akashic Records to clear programs that may have been triggered recently. It’s important to remember that clearing energies in your records can be a multiple layered journey. I have learned on my own path that healing is a practice of consistency.

Just remember, a healing practice is not embarked because you expect things that bother you to magically disappear, but rather you are inviting the expansion of your awareness of self so that you can arrive at full acceptance of who you are now.  

I love you so much, beautiful soul!



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